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UNiQ360™ Case Study & testimonial

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"We use UNiQ360™ as a software vehicle in which to deliver our data and marketing services. UNiQ360™ allows us to provide a first class service, and to deliver it quickly and effectively. We couldn’t do what we do without it. It’s become a key part of our infrastructure." - Gary Kemp - Connection2 Limited

UNiQ360™ is a closed loop integrated marketing solution employed by various sales and marketing companies using the entire spectrum of highly effective pre-CRM Marketing and PRM solutions.

A truly UNiQue pre-CRM solution, UNiQ360™ enables companies to manage their client’s end-to-end marketing activities to maximum effect. Centralised databases can be easily maintained and kept live with the latest information; mail, email and telemarketing campaigns are monitored, managed and refined; allocation of leads to partners can be smoothly controlled using the sales and PRM functionality; responses, opportunities and closures are easily passed over to sales, or integrated into proprietary CRM systems.

Using UNiQ360™ companies can successfully isolate and control key marketing processes and functions, enabling them to deploy and optimize highly competitive marketing campaigns.

The software-as-a-service offering effectively enables us to deliver the services through a hosted, robust and highly flexible pre-CRM system.

UNiQue features and capabilities, alongside on-demand customization services have made our software the choice of many blue chip companies, including one of the world’s largest software providers. Alongside the big names, small to medium sized direct marketing companies use our software and services to help them deliver customized pre-CRM campaigns and partner programmes.

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