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Textmeon Mobile Marketing
Textmeon | UNiQ360™

The Service: 
textmeon is a new mobile texting service, created to connect the consumer with the supplier in a process that is fast becoming the future of advertising and mobile media. In connecting campaign managers, ad agencies, and editors directly with the public, textmeon offers businesses a smooth process by which they gain valuable campaign feedback that is very affective.

How does it work:
Consumers, seeing an advert on a product or service in which they are interested, can text a unique code to a five digit number to receive more information. Messages, articles and other media can then be sent to mobile phones or email address immediately.

eg. txt TAP MITHA to 60777

Register your unique codeword at www.textmeon.com

Users can then visit the textmeon web interface in order to track what information they have requested.

This revolutionary use of mobile media is transforming advertising, creating from adverts the possibility of a more focused form of direct marketing. Previously the resource of marketers, Ad campaign managers now have the same direct feedback from the consumer, enabling them to use geographic and demographic information to plan, practice and refine their campaigns.

Usage Examples

Text example

Example text sent to Mobile


Estate Agents


Passing by a For Sale sign and want to know can I afford this property?



tap 99Dukes to 60777


5 bedrooms, 2 bath, conservatory, big lounge, £525,000 – call on 0845 777 333, www.houseagent99.com

Selling your car


Put and advert on your car window




tap BMWZ4 to 60777



2 owners from new, 1 year MOT, 1 year road tax, 56,700 miles, convertible, excellent condition, £15,500 ovno – contact 0118 400 700



Can’t remember the restaurants numbers? Text the name for details.



tap Gordon to 60777


Brook Street, London, W1K 4HR, 020 7499 0099

Mon–Sat - 6pm to 12:30am Get 10% OFF BILL reserve@gordonramsay.com



Advertise your code on your Vans


tap bobythebuilder to 60777


Hi I am Boby the builder and you can contact me on 0207 666 7777 – Thx



Set up your own voting


tap fred to 60777



Thank you for voting for fred – He is very grateful!

Radio Advert Campaigns


Can’t remember the phone number or web site being broadcasted?


tap kitchens to 60777


For more information on our wonderful Kitchens offers call us on 01702 306002


Outdoor Advertising


Interested in what you see wondering around?


tap PSP to 60777


Thank-you for your interest in the new PSP – We will contact you shortly – visit us at www.sonypsp.com

Charity Fund Raising


Want to raise money for charity? Set up premium codes and charge for text


tap Smile to 60777


Thank you for donating £5.00 to Smile charities – You have put a smile on someone today!



Set up text competitions easily


tap {any 6 letters} to 60777


Congratulations – You have just WON an iPod – Contact 07799447888 to claim your prize!



Ever been asked someone’s number? But don’t have their details to hand?


tap doctor to 60777


Dr Angel, 87 godsend road, 021 432 8765, email angel@goodness.com

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Sample view from 'User History' Screen.

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