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pre-CRM & PRM Functionality
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pre-CRM & PRM Functionality
UNiQ360™ Marketing Software for Sales & Marketing.

"It does everything you would expect of a pre-CRM solution, providing just the right level of technology for our clients."

UNiQ360™ delivers a closed loop integrated marketing solution for businesses as a service, via a web based technology platform. Using UNiQ360™, with its entire spectrum of pre-CRM Marketing and PRM functionality, companies can successfully isolate and control key marketing processes, providing them with the technology and solutions to deploy and optimize highly effective campaigns.

Create marketing campaigns
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Maintain centralized database
Provide clear visibility into marketing initiatives
Segment prospect information
Carry out mail & email marketing
Automate telemarketing processes & lead identification
Manage prospects & opportunities
Handle responses
Co-ordinate partner management
Generate reports with SmartSearch sophisticated reporting facility

Integration with CRM & Sales Software
Feeback on campaign outcome is crucial in the development of serial successful marketing campaigns. UNiQ360™ can be integrated with a number of popular sales and CRM suites through a number of constantly updated plug-ins.

Systems can be developed to gather feedback from market or proprietary systems to ascertain sales conversion rates, customer lifespan, spend, profitability and recommendations. The availability of this information enables campaign managers to gather valuable feedback on long term campaign success, offering usable statistics which justify marketing spend and enable more efficient and successful campaign planning.

Mitha Hosting Solutions
A hosted solution, UNiQ360™ is accessible to users all around the world. This versatility enables marketing department to use UNiQ360™ as the prospect management database, from which they can then feed information directly and automatically into sales and customer management systems.

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