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Outsourced Data Management Services
Mitha™ Consulting Group data acquisition & maintenance

As part of our commitment to your success, Mitha™ consulting provides UNiQ360™ Global Services, a UNiQue data service designed to help you successfully launch and maintain new marketing systems for your clients.

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The process essentially transfers control of your customers marketing data directly to your representatives, enabling you to deliver highly targeted campaigns to previously unrefined datasets, ensuring that new marketing data is fed back into the database to refine your campaigns.

Key to the success of managing the transfer is the comprehensive transmission of information from pre-existing data-structures to one centralized system. In order to streamline that process, Mitha™ Consulting provides a UNiQue data-management service. We take on management of the customer’s data, which can be received in a number of different forms. Through several processes this data is organized and optimized, and delivered back to you in the form of the UNiQ360™ hosted database, from where the data is immediately available to feed marketing, sales and CRM cycles.

After initialization, control of the data within UNiQ360™ can be retained by your representatives, ensuring that your client is reliant on the use of your system for their data. Alternatively control can be handed over directly to the customer.

Once released the fully populated UNiQ360™ hosted database offers all the benefits of a secure central database, from which all campaign functions can be operated, and from which you and your customers can access key information and demographic reports.

We offer services to meet two primary requirements:
  • Transferal and optimization of pre-existing customer data within the UNiQ360™ database
  • Integration of feedback from marketing campaigns

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