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Data Management
Delivering Intelligence to improve Data Quality

Mitha Global Services (MGS) offers a structured and comprehensive portfolio of data management services. The data services is designed to help our customers successfully launch and maintain their marketing data from basic data management to providing in-depth white space analysis.

Initially we would recommend looking at your marketing requirements and goals, ascertaining where you are now - where you want to be – what are the current gaps - and what will it take to fill those gaps.

If we consider data management as an attempt to maximize the life-time value of your marketing data, then our approach considers various inputs, touch points with human interaction in order to create a marketing funnel that feeds your “prospect pool”.

We will help to analyze and unlock the potential held in existing data e.g. penetration analysis for effective targeting, white space analysis, but also identify what data sources could enhance your data that are not already being considered.

Scope of our involvement will be to provide clear ‘snapshot’ of current data held and policies and procedures that relate, through to a more detailed analysis and recommendations geared towards effective data governance.

Getting the Data Ready

Data Assessment
• Understanding the context of the data use and to provide a picture of “as is” state of the database
• Data Consolidation
• Data Analysis

Merging and Purging
• Define survivorship rules
• Cleaning and normalizing ie address completion
• Data de-duplication using industry standard tools

• Data Augmentation ie update existing records
• Data Enhancements ie add new data to existing records
• Profiling key accounts ie researching hierarchical data for companies

Data Quality Scorecards
• Measure data against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) predefined by MGS
• Highlight areas of concern instantly
• Track data quality measurement over time and providing trend analysis

Taking the Data to the Next Level

The first step towards achieving return on marketing investment (ROMI) is to understand your customer data which can be achieved through a process known as segmentation. As the name implies, it is the ‘segmenting’ of a businesses market into manageable and distinct or identifiable groups. Ideally the groups should have similar behavior or needs that might be satisfied by a similar “marketing mix” (of product, price, place & promotion).

In order to determine and take the data to the next level, we offer the following services

• Market Analysis Model(MAM) –A Marketing Model to unlock potential opportunities embedded in the wider market
• Acquiring demographic data to fill in the “GAP”
• Matching key information to your customer data
• Segmentation analysis
• Market Penetration Analysis
• Analyzing key segments against sales

An example application of segmentation drawing on customer data might involve the following steps:

• Pre-preparing the Operational file “Customer data”
• Matching Standard Industry Classification (e.g. SIC) codes to customer records
• Reducing segments to a workable number
• Analysis against the Marketing Universe
• Implementation

A practical approach

In order to unlock the potential opportunities embedded in the wider market, what better way to start than by looking upwards from one’s existing customers. The practical benefits of obtaining a deeper understanding of your current customer base when mapped against a known ‘universe’ can include:

• The identification of those existing segments with higher potential returns
• Targeting new customers in new previously untapped market segments
• A cost effective redistribution of limited sales and marketing resources
• Improved measurability for management of sales territories, quotas etc. and
• Increasing the organization’s strategic options


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