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Customization, White Label & Licensing
Mitha™ Global Consulting Customisation Services

"In terms of customization, UNiQ360™ has the edge. Modifications can take place very promptly, in a matter of days, rather than weeks. This gives us a significant competitive advantage. We were recently able to deploy a campaign for one client in under two weeks. If we hadn’t known we could do this, we wouldn't have won the business, which was worth a million Euro. Crucially, the customization on the software enabled us to meet our client’s targets."

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Every marketing campaign and partner programme will come with its own processes and distinct conditions. To enable you to respond to your clients' UNiQue requirements, Mitha™ Global Services provides UNiQ360™ customization, helping you translate customer roles and processes into functions which themselves constitute end to end marketing cycles.

In delivering these functions, our aim is to provide fast, low risk solutions that your campaign managers can deploy to achieve your client’s marketing targets.

Our customization services are some of the fastest and most efficient available, giving our clients a significant competitive advantage in the marketing services that they provide.

Every Mitha™ Global Services consultant has over 10 years experience in dealing with CRM and Pre-CRM packages. By taking a specification and translating it into technical requirements we can ensure that you and your clients get the functionality you need in order to run a cost effective, efficient marketing or partner campaign.

Flexible Licensing
UNiQ360™ is available on a per-license or flexible license basis, ensuring that every deployment is cost effective. For companies who wish to own the rights to their own software, the source code license can be made available for purchase. Having bought the source code, customers are entitled to make their own changes and modify the software according to their needs, offering increased flexibility and security. Additionally, with the source code license, the modified software can also be sold on to clients as a marketing resource, transforming the software investment into a profitable asset.

White Label Solutions
Mitha™ Global Services is committed to providing truly tailored, fully integrated solutions. To ensure maximum effectiveness in every campaign, UNiQ360™ can be delivered as white labeled software, enabling you to deliver branded solutions to your clients. UNiQ360™ can be fully branded with your own or your client's logo, colours and corporate style, making UNiQ360™ one of the only data-driven marketing software services available as a fully white-labeled marketing resource, available in any language.

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