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UNiQ360™ Case Study & testimonial

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UNiQ360™ Case Study & testimonial
Connection2 Limited - Testimonial

Customer Profile
Connection2 is a marketing services company specializing in the application of digital, direct and database marketing techniques to support client projects and campaigns. Much of their work is focused around partner program and channel projects, delivering measurable partner identification, recruitment, engagement and go-to-market campaigns.

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Software Deployment
Connection2 are currently using UNiQ360™ in a deployment for a major world-wide software vendor. UNiQ360™ enables Connection2 to offer their client a white labeled, web-based software platform for lead generation and prospecting activity, using the hosted database as a repository for a number of different partner, and prospective partner datasets. Connection2 built the database from a number of sources and manage communications with a range of contacts in partner organisations, all the time enabling the client to take a full view of their database, the partner communication activities and the results of the project.

In other deployments, the focus is on direct marketing and sales, with Connection2 managing marketing campaigns and pre-sales qualification. The UNiQ360™ database offers Connection2 all the necessary pre-CRM functionality to allow this to be done quickly and effectively. The host of features supports pre-sales agents in engaging in an interactive discussion, building a profile of individuals and prospects, identifying and qualifying business activities, before the opportunities are passed into the sales pipeline.

Before using UNiQ360™, we had worked with off-the-shelf CRM packages and other custom solutions, but neither was satisfactory. The off-the-shelf packages were often overly complicated for our clients needs and with rigid licensing, expensive customization fees and lengthy customization waiting periods, we just didn’t have the flexibility that our clients’ projects demanded. Our customized solution was similarly expensive and the inevitable on-site fixes and spiraling support fees meant we had to find another solution.

We came across UNiQ360™. It does everything you would expect of a CRM solution, providing just the right level of technology for our clients. The user interface is very intuitive, which makes the software very easy to use for both our own and our clients’ sales and marketing staff.

In terms of customization, UNiQ360™ has the edge. The software allows us to be very quick to respond to our client’s changing requirements. Modifications can take place very promptly, in a matter of days, rather than weeks. This gives us a significant competitive advantage. In terms of the customization process, the consultants at UNiQ360™ are very good at translating business requirements into a technical specification. We were recently able to deploy a campaign for one client in under two weeks. If we hadn’t known we could do this, we wouldn’t have won the business, which was worth a million Euro. Crucially, the customization on the software enabled us to meet our client’s targets.

"Having something that works like UNiQ360™ is essential to the development of our business. We use UNiQ360™ as a software vehicle in which to deliver our data and marketing services. UNiQ360™ allows us to provide a first class service, and to deliver it quickly and effectively. We couldn’t do what we do without it. It’s become a key part of our infrastructure."

Gary Kemp - Managing Director

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