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About Mitha

Having been at the forefront of CRM for over 12 years, delivering CRM and related management services to a number of the UK's most successful companies, it has become obvious to us that there is something missing.

The importance of process and management clarity in sales and customer service has been made evident from the development and implementation of CRM solutions

Businesses must create, refine and maintain optimal, competitive marketing processes – utilizing the best solutions and market intelligence available – in order to begin a cycle of stable expansion, to the point at which they are not only capitalizing on existing clients but dominating the market of prospective customers. Our area of expertise is in the foundation and management of these pre-CRM processes, which are all geared towards maximizing the delivery of and return of investment from marketing campaigns.

With in depth knowledge of relevant technologies and their implementation, in combination with our more general management competencies, project planning experience, and a practiced talent for intelligent use of budgets and resources, we are well equipped in enabling our clients to penetrate both horizontal and vertical markets, ultimately facilitating their achievement of optimum growth targets. Working in partnership with our clients, we establish structured systems, routines and working practices that enable an organization successfully to research, develop and cultivate new and existing markets through which to stabilize and empower their businesses.

If you would like to speak with a Mitha Consultant about marketing services and technologies, please contact us.

Our Offices are located at
Technology House
Essex SS3 8UW
email asif@mitha.com

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